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Welcome to the new homepage for Why I Wore Lipstick! Its been 18 years since my mastectomy and so much has happened. I'm so inspired and thankful for everyone I've met on this amazing journey. It has transformed into something beyond my wildest dreams and I thank you for your courage!

Take a moment to check out my projects and partners. To the right are my favorite links to companies that support BC research and education. Watch and share a project close to my heart, OUCH. Buy my new book here. And come say hi to me on the Lipstick Tour!

Courageously Yours,

My fearless cousin Hallie, passed in April at 42 from stage 4 breast cancer, due to a misdiagnosis of her dense breast tissue. Infuriated, she headed straight to Albany to help get the dense breast tissue bill passed in NYC, making doctors responsible for notifying you if you have dense breast tissue. Visit their website here to learn more.


whyiworelipstick book cover About the Book

At 27, Geralyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured a mastectomy. She also discovered a courage and fearlessness inside herself she never knew before. Empowered, she tours the world educating women about early detection.


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